Tailor-made chatbots
for your business.

AI with no hassle. Get the best turnkey solution
developed for you by domain experts.


We listen to your ideas, understand your business needs and collect requirements.


Make the hands-on development using cutting edge engineering technologies.


Deliver you the best solution from zero to full implementation backed up by our experts.

Multi-channel AI at your service 24/7, 365 days.

Be where your customers are.


We work with market leaders.

We have the flexibility to integrate with different providers according to your requirements. We always make sure you get the best value.

  • Lead Generation Bot

    Lead Generation Bot

    It's a fact that chatbots outperform contact forms. Replace your boring forms with a chatbot so you can easily increase the quantity and quality of your leads on autopilot.

    By enhancing information about your prospects, you can re-target and nurture leads as well. Eventually a smart designed chatbot will boost your conversion rates.

  • Online Sales Bot

    Online Sales Bot

    If you have an e-commerce website, chatbots are the key to get the maximum from your hard-earned traffic. You run ads, marketing campaigns, catchy promotions to attract people.

    Why not set up a 24/7 dedicated agent that converts these visitors into paying customers and boost your revenue?

  • Customer Support Bot

    Customer Support Bot

    Do you want to increase your customer satisfaction rates but don't have enough staff to take care of every customer? Chatbots are here!

    Set up once and sit back. The best customer support experience will be sustained continuously. AI helps you to gain happy customers and create engagement.

  • FAQ Bot

    FAQ Bot

    If nobody cares your FAQ pages and you are tired of delivering the same answers over and over again, you have a savior now. Thanks to AI, a trained chatbot can extract meaning from questions and reply with the best answer. Without unnecessary workload, you can focus on more important tasks like business growth.

    Each purchase of Stack includes six months of free support and lifetime free content and bug-fix updates.


Perfect fit for your business

There are many solutions on the market, from ready-in-a-few-clicks to rocket science chatbots. We believe every company has different needs, unique goals that one-service-fits-all approach never fits well.

That's why we create company specific solutions. You don't have to struggle with AI or employ super technical skilled personnel. We are here to make chatbots a breeze for you.

Let's get you started

Start transforming your business with AI.

Leave it to our trusted experts

Creating chatbots require experience and high effort. Not only in technical fields, it's a multidisciplinary study. Planning, dialogue flow design, content writing, AI training and testing, implementation, maintenance all these need distinct expertise.

Botmaster team consists of software engineers, live chat experts, communication specialists, public relations and advertising professionals. Each member has a passion to deliver the best solution for your business.

You imagine, We build

No matter what sector you are operating in. We promise you a completely custom solution from the ground up.

Assistive Partnership

You don't need to assign any workforce. We are with you from day one to full implementation.

The Possibilities are endless

We can enrich your chatbot by binding your corporate services so that you make your customers feel more candid.